Watamu is a wonder town in Kilifi County, Kenya. It is such magical that it has been used as face of Kenya to promote Tourism. Looking out to Indian Ocean, one can enjoy the breeze on the amazing beach. It’s one of a kind with dining scene, relaxation experience, and a marine national park. It is a centralized base from which tourists visit Gedi ruins, Arabuko Sokoke forest reserve, Mida Creek mangrove fringe waterways and many more.

Why choose Watamu

Watamu is an eco-tourism destination which is less crowded place along coast line with a great view to Indian Ocean. Above this, it combines many experiences from :- swimming, white sandy beaches, water sports, canoe ride, scuba dive, yoga retreat at Watamu Treehouse, deep sea fishing. Furthermore you will see natural and man-made features making it an all-in-one experience town.

What to expect while in Watamu

Locals in this part of Kenya are Mijikenda, though they can easily communicate in Swahili,English, Italian and other foreign languages. Visiting the town, be prepared to have a taste of the Swahili dishes such as pilau, mkate wa sinia, samaki wa kupaka, biriani and others. Transport within the town is by taxi, matatu, tuk-tuk or motor-bikes. The town experiences an average of 28.8°C in temperature with March being the hottest and July the coldest. Receives an average precipitation fall of 1083 mm annually. Water temperature varies from 20 degrees Celsius (June to November) to 30 degrees Celsius (December to May). Equally Important the Latitude is : -3° 22′ 2.39″ S and Longitude is: 40° 00′ 35.40″ E

Hotels in Watamu

There are hotels, holiday homes (Apartments), and guest houses in Watamu that one can rent. Of the top ranked Kenya in Hotels, majority have branches at Watamu. Some of the Watamu best hotels are; Medina Palms – Overlooking the beach bordering Watamu Marine National Park. Palm Garden Boutique Hotel located 1 km from Garoda Beach. Boutique Hotel Nyumbani Tembo, Alawi Boutique Hotel located 9 km from Watamu Beach district next to Jacaranda Beach. Turtle Bay Beach Club which is 2 km from Bio Ken Snake Farm and 6 km from Watamu National Marine Park. Lily Palm Resort, Merry Crab – Twin Islands Camp Located in the mouth of the Mida Creek and boardering Marine Park. Temple Point Resort Overlooking a coral reef and its own private beach, it offers traditional Swahili-style rooms.

The tourist attraction sites

There are very many sites to visit in the town which include:-

  • Beaches in Watamu



  • Ruins of Gedi

A historical and archaeological site (remains of a small Swahili town that thrived in 13th century) The site is adjacent to the town of Gedi (also known as Gede)  and within the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest. It has a inhibited by Sailor, Traders and Settlers from Oman.

  • Turtle Rock

Turtle Watch (A conservation and protection of turtle), just off-shore from Medina Palms. Here you will see Roseate Terns. Roseate Terns are a beautiful species of seabird that normally spend much of their life at the sea and only come to land in order to breed.

  • Watamu National Marine park

Snorkelling conditions are ideal at low tide, and especially good at spring low tide. Even Paddle- boarding with dolphins is also very popular here and Unique Coral Garden.

  • Mida creek

surrounded by extensive mangroves, home to many species of fish and feeding sea turtles. stopover point for many migratory birds. Using a boat to explore the creek as the sunsets you will enjoy the experience. Local community runs a crab farm and cram restaurant.

  • Bio-Ken Snake Farm

Visit the Snake farm to know more about snakes. Here you will so many types of snakes in the biggest snake farm in east Africa with over 200 snakes of over 30 species.

  • Watamu Market

A traditional open market in Watamu, on the side of the road. Everything is set up in the morning, and then unset in the evening. Whatever they sell, colours are always part of the setting.

  • Arabuko Sokoke forest

It’s a 420 km2 coastal forest in Kenya managed by Kenya Forest Service (KFS). It is the largest and most intact forest in costal region. The forest was first protected as a Crown Forest in 1943, and was gazetted in the 1960s.

  • Mwamba Field study centre

Similarly its home to birds, insects, lizards, snakes, monkeys, elephant shrews among other animals. Birders do ringing here every fortnight.

How to get to Watamu 

Jetting in to Kenya, one would land in Nairobi. From Nairobi, it will take 45 minutes flight to coast Malindi airport. By road, one will load a bus at Nairobi to Mombasa, approximately 8 hours and from Mombasa to Malindi for two hours. Watamu is 30 minutes’ drive away of Malindi airport by road and 40 minutes from Malindi town. Avoiding the transport tussle, one can book directly through Jaydee Travels who will make sure that transport is organized to/from and within Watamu and its explorations.

In Summary watamu is one of the best destinations in Kenya.

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