Reasons to Visit Diani – Location

Diani beach is so popular that it has swallowed it mother town, Diani town. In every search about the town, the beach will popup first. Diani town is located at Kwale County in the magic of Africa (Kenya). The town has more to offer from outdoor activities, traditional foods, and others.

Reasons to Visit Diani – Culture, history and food

According to Arab and Swahili ruins dating, Diani town is thought to have started back in 8th century. It has idyllic climate due to monsoon wind cooling, and experiences an average of 8 hours of sunshine. Without monsoon, the climate is hot and steamy. Mijikenda people are the town’s main occupants and Sea food the most popular dish.

Reasons to Visit Diani – Beach

One of the reasons to visit diani  – voted as Africa’s leading beach five times from 2015, Diani beach is 17 kilometers long, starting from Kongo River to Galu beach on the south. There is an airstrip at Diani which makes the beach accessible direct from Nairobi. From Mombasa, the beach is accessible via ferry where one can hire a taxi or use public transport commonly referred locally as matatu.

Tourist attraction sites

Other than the sparkling white beach, there are other tourist attraction sites such as Columbus conservation, which is a not-for-profit conservancy with a goal to address the Columbus monkey survival threats, Kaya Kinodi sacred forest which locals believe to have healing herbs, Diani Beach shopping center – Diani Beach art gallery at Diani Shopping center which have beautiful sculptures and paintings, and ocean bliss spa for a clean and professional body massage.

Diani Snorkelling Snorkelling in Diani

Outdoor activities

At Diani there are many activities for the active tourists, this includes: –

Snorkeling, scuba diving, and boat trips at Diani beach which gives a beautiful marine exploration. There is diving at the crab and other sporting activities which are run by experts. Sky diving which is a popular sport at Diani and made more enjoyable by the clear skies. There is a professional skydiving club in the area so the activity is safe for it has professional guides.

Kongo Mosque Diani Shimba Hills Chale Island

Other activities are golf playing at leisure lodge, Shimba hills National Reserve , touring Kongo mosque, and Chale Island visits.


Apple Mango Apartments The guest house comes with a seating area, a TV with satellite channels, a kitchen, a dining area and a private bathroom with a shower. All units include a wardrobe with a balcony and pool views.

Hotel Sonrisa offers beach front accommodation has a bar, swimming pool, and a BBQ facility.

Seaclusion Diani a four star rated hotel offers a large space accommodation, and an outdoor swimming.

Swahili Beach Guests at the 5-star property can enjoy sea views in the rooms and access to a sauna. The resort features an outdoor swimming pool and evening entertainment fitness Centre and many more.

The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel situated along the sandy beach has indoor and outdoor features, restaurant and, a poolside bar.

Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa located on Galu Beach and 10 km from Ukunda Airstrip offers outdoor pool and restaurants, and water sport facilities.

Ocean Village Club (adults Only) the resort is just a 10-minute drive from Ukunda village. Mombasa is located 40 km away and Moi International Airport is 50 km away.

Others include Afrika Pearl & Spa, African Dream Cottages – Diani Beach, The Sands at Nomad, Leopard Beach, Baobab Beach Resort, Diani Reef Beach Resort and many more.

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Direct wild and marine life interaction

At Diani, one is allowed to dive with dolphins at the beach and when visiting the parks, can interact and feed bush babies, and take photos with them.

Take nature interaction classes

Diani Sky Diving

At Diani there are professionals in the nature interaction classes. Interested to be sky diver, one should enroll at sky diving club, want to be a professional diver, surfer or even a boat ridder, all classes are available at Diani Beach.

Colobus Conservation

Diani Beach ColobusColubus Diani Monkeys

Designed to promote the conservation, preservation and protection of primates like the nationally threatened Angolan Colobus monkey (Colobus angolensis palliatus) and its coastal forest habitat in south eastern Kenya another of the many reasons to visit diani.  You can read more here..

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