First Time Traveler

For the first time traveler its important to note the following points for your enjoyable and memorable trip…Be my Guest.


  1. Wear comfortable clothes – No belts, laced up shoes or jewelry. You will need to remove them at EVERY security check. Hassle-free wear is better with open shoes.
  2. If the flight is delayed and you’re connecting, have a word with cabin crew because they can let you off the flight first to run for the next flight.
  3. Carry chewing gum and some wet wipes on your carry on bag.
  4. If you don’t know or can’t find something, ask. This is very important for first time traveler.
  5. Read your ticket well it might include free meals on transits.
  6. Also time zone differences, you need to be keen on the time stamps. When on transit, find your connecting flights gate first.
  7. If you have special dietary concerns like you’re diabetic or allergic, specify with your booking so that the airline makes sure you get the right food and avoid medical emergency on air. And ask for food that you know.
  8. The AC can get really cold especially if you are first time traveler. They will give you a blanket but carry own fleece blanket.
  9. Carry something that will keep you busy sometimes their movies are not all that.
  10. Always have enough change in forex in case you have to hail a cab or pay a tip to someone. Some Euros and Dollars, correct bank cards will help .
  11. Add a big enough identifying mark on your language. Someone might pick your bag or you pick someone else’s bag. And please buy those small padlocks if your bag has space for it.
  12. Feet also swell so do simple exercises while seated like trying to stand on your tip-toe and ankle rotations to encourage circulation.
  13. Ensure your time of arrival and details of flight is well communicated to your host beforehand. In some Countries your Line might not work even on roaming.
  14. International flights… 3hours before takeoff be at the airport… check your documents before you leave home…


  1. Do not leave your bag with anyone.
  2. Never ever help anybody including pregnant mother’s nor a physically challenged person nor a sick person with their luggage through any airport however deserving they may look, it could be a trap and it can hung you or jail you for life.
  3. Do not sit next to a bag that is not attached to somebody’s limbs.
  4. You do not need to be drenched in make-up, by the time you arrive it will look somehow. A little lip gloss and no shine for the face is ok.
  5. Don’t I repeat never just sit in a seat anyhow. Check your sit number.
  6. When in line for anything, Going to the Toilet, Asleep while on transit the part of your bag that has your passport should be close to you.
  7. PLEASE DON’T THROW TRASH OUTSIDE THE WINDOWS while in the air. It’s prudent to conserve the environment.
  8. There is this alcohol they give you for free on the plane. Don’t drink too much because dehydration happens much faster in a pressurized cabin! When you land and your feet touch the ground…..hmmm let’s just say it will not be the same.
  9. Don’t carry all the large bottles of perfume or cosmetics in hand luggage because they will be trashed for being above the allowed limits!
  10. Don’t pack things like Nail cutter, knifes. Large or big toothpaste, cream shampoo etc.
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