Diani Diving
Diani has a varity of first class diving facilities and holiday environment. 20 – 25 minutes of boat ride and you get to the diving spots. Daily Diani diving trips to the local coral reefs and ship wrecks.
Diving Season

The Best Diving Season is between October and March with good visibility and the water is warm. The chances to encounter sharks and whales is very high. April to July is not the best time to go diving.

How to Get to Diani

There are several modes of transport to Diani. You can use Air Transport to Diani Airstrip or you can use the road. If you are coming from the North Coast by road then you need plan early because the Likoni ferry channel can take around an hour to cross. From Likoni Ferry to Diani by road its about 45 minutes drive.


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Diving Sites

Kisite Marine Park

A great dive Site for beginners or those who have not dived for a long time. It is a very relaxed easy dive with little or no current .


Fantastic with pristine blue waters and creatures that rarely see humans and are thus not afraid. Depths vary from as shallow as you like to as deep as you are prepared to go.

Dolphin Point – Depth 3 – 12 meters

This dive site owes its name to the dolphins that divers are lucky enough to spend time with here. 

Hassan Reef – Maximum depth 16m

Turtles have been spotted resting among the coral growths, and brightly coloured angelfish and surgeonfish abound. Further to the west are isolated coral heads that attract bigger fish, such as inquisitive jacks (caranx), big groupers and some large sweetlips.

Pink Reef – 14-16m

This site is made up of small islands of beautiful pink flower soft coral over sand. Once the swarms of sweepers move away you will see small and beautiful creatures hidden among the soft corals. There are a plethora of nudibranchs and flatworms. Try to see how many different coloured leaf fish and ribbon eels you can spot. Also beware; the scorpion fish will be watching your every move.

Dives in the Wasini Channel

  • Mkwiro point – 7-15m
  • Pango Tatu – 6-14m
  • Wasini village – 6-14m
  • Firefly House – 5-16m


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